Welcome...but Where Can i get Seriously Sours?????

 Hi and welcome to the Sourface website.

When we created our latest range of sweets - Seriously Sours - it very soon became clear that we had hit on a winner!

It also became clear that very strange things happen to people's faces while enjoying a Seriously Sour. So, we put 2 and 2 together and came up with this website. For no better reason than it's great fun, we've created a place on the web where everyone can share the pure eye-watering, mouth-exploding, face-contorting joy of sucking a Seriously Sour!

Watch this space!!

The Sourology Team


Scattered around the Globe we have literally hundreds of  stockists of  Simpkins Sours ....but like anything when you are looking for something you can never find them!!

A call to Arms- We call all sourface addicts to use the contact page and tell us where they are!! We will then publish a stockist list ...so you dont need to go to Shanghai or Uruguay to get them!( unless you live there of course!!)

Alternatively log onto  www.traditionalsweets.com..... and stock up over the web!!

Rony Robinson gets 1st taste of a seriously sour on air!!

During a live chat on the Rony Robinson Show on Radio Sheffield on Monday the 23rd March ....he got soured!!

Whilst Talking about the sours on Air Rony  bravely tried one and was seriously shocked!!....... even a Yorkshireman can be taken by surprise!!...... we think he will be a regular consumer now!

Lord Mayor Gets Soured!!!

All Smiles for a sour occasion - this is the moment Lord Mayor of Sheffield Jane Bird Officially launched Simpkins Seriously sour Travel Sweets.......and strangely enough ,she loves them!!.Doubtful that they will be handed out in the Lord Mayors parlour though!

Pictured here with some of the production staff in Hillsborough.

Buy online!

 You can now buy many of Simpkins traditional sweets, including Seriously Sours, online here!